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Have you got any pest control Harare need? Get the pest control experts in Harare serve your pest control needs today. At Pest Control Harare, we offer reliable, affordable, family, pet and environmentally friendly pest control solutions and services.  We control all flying and crawling insects in Harare and Zimbabwe. The pest control company offers guaranteed pest solutions for roaches, rats, ants and mosquitoes.

pest control harare

We also control bed bugs, fleas, spiders, wasps, gnats, bats, centipedes for residential and commercial properties. Moreover, the company offers integrated termite control solutions  for homes, companies and industrial properties. Of all the problems presented by pests, termites cause a lot of losses in termite damage.

Our List of Pest Control Services in Harare

  1. Cockroach Or Roach Control and Extermination Harare
  2. Rodent or Rat Control and Extermination
  3. Mosquito Control Services Harare
  4. Bed Bug Control Services
  5. Flea Control Services
  6. Ant Control & Treatment Services
  7. Wasp Removals & Spraying
  8. Termite Control and Treatment Services
  9. Human Bee Removal Services & Extermination

Cockroach or Roach Control and Extermination Harare

Have you got a cockroach or roach problem in  your home, commercial or industrial property? Cockroaches present various public health hazards. They can cause and aggravate respiratory problems. They are also unsightly in the home and company. A cockroach infestation presents a lot of health dangers in Harare. You therefore need a pest expert who can offer various pest solutions and strategies that keep your roach problem away. Read more about our various roach control programs.

Rodent or Rat Control & Extermination

Have you got a rat or rodent problem? At Pest Portal Zimbabwe, we offer safe, affordable and guaranteed rodent pest control solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties. For residential properties, we offer family, pet and environmentally sustainable rat control services that ensure homes are free from rats and diseases. Rats spread many pathogens and diseases and pose a health risk. Read more about our successful and comprehensive rodent and rat control program.

Mosquito Control Services Harare

We also offer sustainable, affordable and guaranteed mosquito control services in Harare and Zimbabwe. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous creature on earth. Mosquitoes and the diseases they spread have been responsible for killing more people than all the wars in history. Though there are useful tips at home for keeping away mosquitoes , engaging a pest professional like Pest Portal is the best.

Bed Bugs Control Services Harare

Other than offering roach, rodent and mosquito control services, we also offer bed bug control services in Harare. Bed bugs are quite a problem for residential homes and commercial establishments such as hotels and lodges

Flea Control Services Harare-

pest control harare
Have you got a flea problem in Harare? At Pest Portal, we offer safe affordable, effective and guaranteed flea control.
Fleas are a common problem in homes, especially those with pets like dogs and cats. It is common for you to discover fleas even if you do not have pets in the home. This normally happens especially if the previous of your property kept cats or dogs