Problems Presented by Pests in Harare & Zimbabwe

Pests present a lot of problems for homes, companies in industrial properties in Harare. Serious or fatal diseases can be spread by pests. The following are some of the public health problems caused by pests in Zimbabwe.

Vector Borne Diseases

Various pests can spread various diseases in Harare and Zimbabwe. Fleas, cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes can spread various diseases. For instance, fleas are mostly known for spreading the rare bubonic plague. In the 14th century, the bubonic plagues, also known as the black death killed 25 million people. If you do not have an idea how big this pandemic was, this size was 50% of the European population. The plague still occurs world wide and the problem is most prevalent in South Western United States. Bubonic plague is carried by rodents but is mainly transmitted by fleas that bite rats. The plague is then transmitted to humans by the fleas from the rodents.  However, we need to thank advances in medical technology as the plague can successfully bee treated by antibiotics.

Fleas are also known to spread other bacterial diseases such as murine typhus through infected rats. This is a rare disease in North America, not Zimbabwe. The disease is most common in rat infested areas where fleas become infested with rats. The most common symptoms of murine typhus include high fever, severe head aches, chills weakness and nausea. However, treatment is available and patients often respond quickly. It is a well known fact that pets can also bring plague or murine typhus into the home.

Pests can spread various infectious diseases such as Zika virus